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Privacy Statement

1. Who we are

Fring is a collaboration between Afslag 24 B.V. and Appnormal B.V. Afslag 24 and Appnormal share responsibility for the processing of personal data. For readability we use the name ‘Fring’ for the responsibility party (controller).

When you have questions regarding this privacy statement, you can contact us at contact@fring.app

2. Data we process

Fring is responsible for the processing of your personal data that takes place when you:

3. Purposes

We process personal data for fulfilling the following purposes:

  1. Connecting freelancers with those who need them, by:
  2. Managing profiles with Fring
  3. Managing contacts (followers and following) with Fring
  4. Contacting us
  5. Email address
  6. Functioning and optimizing websites and apps. And information security.
  7. Your activity on and interactions with the website(s) and/or our apps
  8. IP address
  9. Browser settings
  10. Device settings and characteristics

Your personal data is not processed for other purposes, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

4. Personal data

When you use Fring apps(s) we ask you for personal data. We are allowed to process this personal data because it is necessary for the functioning of the app (agreement) or because you consent.

4.1 Account / profile

To be able to use Fring you need to register an account. For this purpose we ask for the following mandatory data:

You can add additional information to your profile. You are not obligated to add this data, but of course it will increase the chance on jobs and / or interesting contacts.

4.2 Access to data

Your profile details are only used to show your information to other Fring users. Your name and photo are always visible for all users of Fring. Access to your other personal information you control yourself. By default your profile is ‘private’. In private mode only users that you granted access can view your profile information, such as email address and phone number. When you change your profile to ‘public’, all Fring users can see this information. If and how users process your personal data further is the responsibility of the users.

5. Subprocessors

The website fring.app is hosted by TransIP B.V. Between Fring and TransIP B.V. a data processing agreement is applicable. We use Firebase Cloud Messaging for Push Notifications. Firebase does not have access to the personal data.

6. Cookies & related technologies

On the website fring.app and within the apps for Android and iPhone we use cookies and related technologies. We use ‘functional’ and ‘analytical’ cookies.

6.1 Functional cookies

With functional cookies we view your computer and browser settings so we can serve optimal functioning websites and apps. For example, we check your settings to adjust a webpage to the size and resolution of your browser and screen.

6.2 Analytical cookies

To optimize the website and apps we collect anonymous and aggregated usage information. With this information we analyze what types of devices are used the most, which websites refer visitors and which pages perform good. We use Google Analytics for analyzing. Your usage data and anonymous IP address is shared with Google in the United States. To make sure your data stays private and secure we applied the following controls:

7. Retention periods

Fring.app only stores your data as long as needed for the purpose:

8. Our security

We care a lot about the security of your data. We apply suitable controls to prevent unauthorized access, use and other processing. Companies that process your data on behalf of us are bound by contract(s) to secure your data.

9. Your rights

You have the right to request access to your data, correction and deletion. In your account you can access, adjust and delete your data yourself. When you need us to take action you can email your request to contact@fring.app. We will validate your request and follow up within 4 weeks. If you have any other questions, requests or comments about the processing of your personal data by Fring, always feel free to send us an email. When you have a compliant we take it serious and do our best to solve it. When you feel we are not respecting your rights, you can file a complaint at your national Data Protection Authority or the Dutch Authority: De Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens.