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On the website and web-applications at and within the mobile apps for Android and iPhone we use cookies and related technologies. We use ‘functional’ and ‘analytical’ cookies.

1. Functional cookies

With functional cookies we view your computer and browser settings so we can serve optimal functioning websites and apps. For example, we check your settings to adjust a webpage to the size and resolution of your browser and screen.

2. Analytical cookies

To optimize the website and apps we collect anonymous and aggregated usage information. With this information we analyse what types of devices are used the most, which websites refer visitors and which pages perform well. We use Google Analytics for analysing. Your usage data and anonymous IP address is shared with Google in the United States. To make sure your data stays private and secure we applied the following controls:

  • A data processing agreement with Google
  • Anonymization of the last octet of your IP address
  • Sharing of data is turned off
  • We don’t use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics Cookies

For more information please also refer to our Privacy Statement.

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