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How does the Fring community work?

Picture of 3 main Fring app pages

Smart freelancers who found work with Fring

Finally an app where I can keep my availability up to date and get found by potential new clients. Awesome!

Martijn de Visser
UX & Service Designer

I've found work through this app just by simply keeping my availability up to date. Love it!

Judith Franken
Agile Coach

The app that gave me a cool job of several months without the intervention of any recruiters and other CV ‘pushers’.

Hugo Louter
Digital Marketeer


What is the average project duration for work via Fring?

What freelance hourly rates are paid by the companies active on Fring?

Are there any middlemen active on Fring?

Who are the Fring community leaders?

Does Fring charge brokerage fees to freelancers?

When I found work via the platform do I have to contract and payroll via Fring?

A disruptive Dutch startup! Which markets does Fring serve?

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