A small step for Valtech, one giant leap for their freelance needs

Valtech is a global digital agency and among one of the very first companies that experienced the benefits of Fring. They started using Fring in 2021.

Valtech is a global digital agency focused on business transformation

16 countries

3000+ employees

45 offices

Challenge #1

So many recruitment platforms, so little time

The challenge

We have to use a lot of different recruitment channels to find the right digital freelancers. From LinkedIn to job boards to brokers.


The solution

Fring offers us a centralized overview of known and new digital freelancers. It's the flexible workforce platform for design, development, marketing, and so much more!

Challenge #2

Mo money, less freelancers?

The challenge

We’re dealing with high recruitment fees. The different staffing agencies we use regularly ask for an hourly fee per hire.


The solution

Fring offers the same candidates as our staffing agencies. We save serious money by paying a transparent and fair monthly fee.

Challenge #3

Have you seen my rolodex?

The challenge

When we want to contact one of our favourite freelancers we first have to spam the entire office to find the right information.


The solution

The Fring dashboard contains all our favourite freelancers and shows their contact information, availability and our company notes.

What our clients say

Fring puts you in touch with available freelancers quickly and easily and helps to build and maintain your network.

We experienced a successful collaboration and found the perfect match in a short time!

Marloes Boegheim
Resource Manager at Rabobank

The personal pre-selection of freelancers instills confidence in our decision-making. Fring takes away uncertainty and delivers the best 5-10% freelancers in return.

Thomas Pieter Groot
Manager E-Commerce Football at Stichd

Fring is a very easy way to find the best freelancers and offers a clear overview of candidates.

The fact that you can post jobs this easily and contact freelancers directly is great, now we are able to connect with talent directly.

Guust Malcorps
Product Owner Pon

Fring is an amazing platform if you are looking for flex workers quickly. Especially when you are looking for people with a high freelancer level, specialists and seniors.

For us, Fring is the way to go.

Jan Cortenbach
E-commerce Director

In a dynamic digital design agency like Fabrique, our flexible workforce is very important to us.

Fring is on pole position when it comes to our search for freelancers.

Amanda Boomstra
Studiolead Fabrique Amsterdam

When you grow, you need specific expertise at different times or phases. You need that expertise temporarily or only for part of the week or month; that's when the power of freelance specialists comes in.

Biggest challenge here? How to find the right one...because the market is very non-transparent. That's where the power of Fring's lies.

Martijn Wassink
CEO Greyt

Fring. The freelance work platform to find the best fit talent.

Start today and get direct access to our community. Find, follow and work with the best available talent.

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