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Freelancers active in digital, creative and media use the Fring app to share their availability with companies and peers. Leading companies and agencies use the Fring platform to manage their flex pool, discover new talent and share projects.

Save time, money and stress!
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Broadcast your availability

During a project, you are less visible to the rest of your network. And whenever you are looking for new work, you must visit countless job boards and social media.

Fring is a simple way to capture your availability for work and instantly share it with your trusted network of former clients, agencies, other freelancers and even recruiters.

Let your network work for you in finding your next project.

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Freelancers using Fring say

Hugo Noorlander
UX/UI - Digital Product Design

I don't want to miss out on opportunities because my network is unaware of my availability. With Fring I can update my entire network without spamming them!

Anouk van Ritbergen
Digital Project management

Fring places the main question companies deal with front and center: Who is available for work? I've found work through this app just by simply keeping my availability up to date. Love it!

Martijn de Visser
UX & Service design

Finally an app where I can keep my availability up to date and get found by potential new clients. Awesome!

How to make Fring work for you?

  • Create a short profile describing your expertise
  • Update your availability for projects, and tell the right people to follow you
  • Follow your freelance friends and build your own personal 'first ring'
  • Forward a friend's profile when you think s/he might make a great fit for a new project
  • Follow companies and recruiters who are in need of your superpowers (you decide who gets to follow you)
  • Let companies follow you and join their flex pools
  • Instantly receive project openings in your area of expertise from trusted companies
  • Coming soon: Subscribe and receive new project posts in a consolidated timeline. 

With the Fring app, you keep your network up to date about your real‐time availability. You can also follow other users, and by doing so you create your own ‘ring’ of trusted freelancers around you, who you can contact for projects.



I have the app and created my profile. Now what do I do!?

Welcome to Fring, you are half way there! After you have created your profile, everyone should know you are on Fring!

So how to get other freelancers and companies to start following you? There are three ways to go about this:

1. You search for them, follow them, and when they see you they will follow you back.

2. You can forward your own profile (click the 🚀 on your profile) and send this link via whatsapp (or e-mail) to the persons and companies you want to keep up to date on your availability.

3. Word of mouth. Tell everyone who is able to help you land your next project that they should connect to you on Fring!

Can everyone just follow me?

No. You are in control over who gets to follow you and see your information. Click the ⚙️ on your profile to check your account settings. Your account can be set private, this way only users you approve can see your information on Fring.

Free for freelancers... what's the catch?

The Fring app is free to use for all freelancers and companies. Our mission is to make the freelance recruitment world hassle free. Therefore, we decided that all freelancers should be able to share their profile and availability in the app. Companies are also able to use the Fring app for free to find available freelancers.  Our Freelance Relationship Management plans for companies have a paid subscription model. See our pricing plans for more info.

Which UK companies can I follow on Fring?

We are now in contact with several international and UK based agencies who we will onboard on Fring the upcoming months. We will inform you when there are companies with whom you can contact. If you know companies that work with large flex pools and need Fring to manage their freelance workforce in a smarter way feel free to contact us.

I have a question, feedback and want to contact Fring?

If you have a question about Fring, or if you want to provide us with product feedback: feel free to contact us via the contact button in the lower right corner on this webpage.

Our Purpose

Fring was founded with the purpose of taking the hassle out of freelancing. We believe in trust, transparency and paying it forward.

Fring is made with ❤️ for freelancers, contractors, interim professionals (actually anyone who has time available for work) and the companies that hire them.