Get project work done. Plan your perfect team.

Agency, scaleup or innovative team? Allow your company a competitive advantage by selecting the best Fring plan for your freelance workforce needs. Save time, money and stress!

Fring is free for freelancers, collectives and small agencies.

Pay per job

Ideal when you need freelancers infrequently, but fast.

Share 1 job / project
Job promotion within the digital freelance community
Limited access to all freelancers
Per job. 30 days visible


When you need to rely on the best available flexible talent.

Access to all freelancers
Basic search & filtering
Flex pool of 75 freelancers
6 jobs per year
Per month. Billed annualy.


When you need to actively manage your flexible talent needs.

Access to all freelancers
Premium search & filtering
Flex pool of 150 freelancers
12 jobs per year
Per month. Billed annualy.


When you work with a large pool of talent to get project work done.

Access to all freelancers
Premium search & filtering
Flex pool of 250 freelancers
24 jobs per year
Talentmatcher on demand
Custom pricing.

Need more superpowers?

We've created Fring to make freelance recruitment fast, fair and more fun.

We understand that it is sometimes hard to find time to recruit the right creative and tech talent for your teams and projects.

If you need extra support to handle your freelance needs, feel free to contact us.


What are the fees? How much will it cost?

Why do I need to request access?

How does Fring keep the availability of the freelancers up to date?

Do other companies have access to our freelance pool?

How does Fring work for companies?

How is Fring different from LinkedIn?

Fring. The freelance work platform to find the best fit talent.

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